Birds of a feather

Birds of a Feather, 葡萄牙
成人 | 绘本 picture book | 科普知识


Birds of a Feather features high-quality illustrated titles both for children and adults. Taking illustration at heart, the agency represents internationally renowned publishers and exquisite projects by award-winning and emerging artists.


    书讯登记/新书推荐“Birds of a feather”

    Planeta Tangerina

    Planeta Tangerina,
    绘本 | 少年读物 Two steps and a leap
    | 非虚构童书


    As a publisher, Planeta Tangerina focuses mainly on picturebooks — in which images and text have a unique intimate dialogue.

    Its readers are children, parents and every adult who likes picturebooks and their unique way of telling a story.

    In 2012, the young adult collection, called Two steps and a leap, was  launched. In 2014, the book Outside debuted its non-fiction collection, which has kept growing ever since.

    The publishing house collaborates regularly with the educational services of museums, city councils, agencies and brands which develop programmes and activities for schools.

    Awards and recognitions

    • “Revelation Publisher”, LER/Booktailors Awards (2009)
    • BOP Award for Best European Publisher (2013)
    • Nominated for the ALMA Award (Astrid Lindgren Award (2012 e 2013)

    书讯登记/新书推荐“Planeta Tangerina”