About us CN

The Flieder-Verlag is the German division of the China National Publication Import and Export(Group) Corporation who belongs to the China Publishing Group, one of the largest media groups in China. We scout for excellent content from publishers all over the world and then license to publishers in China. Sometimes these are publishers within the China Publishing Group, but in fact there are contacts to all Chinese publishers and license deals are made with whoever is the right partner, regardless of which group they belong to. The Flieder-Verlag acts as an agent, and the licensing contract is made directly between the content providing publisher and the licensee.

中国图书进出口(集团)总公司一直致力于提供全方位“走出去”服务,是国内最早开展版权代理服务业务的企业之一,其驻法兰克福的独资子公司德国丁香出版社,是一个有多年专业版权交易和出版的国际团队。 自2009年以来,中图公司已服务国内50多家出版社“走出去”,代理输出了1000多种图书版权。