Suhrkamp / Insel, Germany 苏尔坎普出版社
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In response to the question as to how Suhrkamp Verlag should be characterized in the shortest possible form, I generally reply that no books are published here, but authors” (Siegfried Unseld) – this programmatic principle can also be attributed to the programmatic guiding principles. This paradox points to the fact that the publisher is not just concerned with the individual book but with the literary or scientific overall physiognomy of its authors. The program of the Suhrkamp publishing house is thus based on two publication pillars: literature and science.

自1950年,彼得•苏尔坎普(Peter Suhrkamp)先生成立了苏尔坎普出版社起,苏尔坎普出版社是德国一家出版高品质社科和文学图书的独立出版社,被视为德国人文社科出版和思想传播的重要阵地。“我们经营的是作者而非书”是出版社的经营思想。众多享誉世界的德国/德语学者和作家都是苏尔坎普的宝贵财富,包括哈贝马斯(Jürgen Habermas)、黑塞(Hermann Hesse)、阿多诺(Theodor W. Adorno)、弗里施(Max Frisch)、布莱希特(Bertolt Brecht)、伯恩哈德(Thomas Bernhard )、卢曼(Niklas Luhmann),贝克(Ulrich Beck),汉德克(Peter Handke)等等。.