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The Picture Book Agency is a French publishers agency, founded in 2013 by Stéphanie Vernet. The agency represents French publishers abroad – aiming to introduce exceptional books that stand out for their content as well as their form – surprising, awakening, entertaining objects.


benjamins media
Comme des géants
L’Etagère du bas
Les éditions des éléphants
Le lièvre de Mars
Maison Georges

*** 丁香推荐图书:

Sasha and the bikes
绘本,32页,尺寸:297 * 210毫米,样书下载

As a birthday gift, Sasha, a character of undefined gender, gets a green bike. Sacha loves it and decides to call it Azar. But Azar is a talking bike, just like any bike for those who can understand. Moved by this new friendship and very knowledgeable about bikes around the world, Azar decides to send Sasha on a wonderful journey aboard the most extraordinary vehicles; a penny farthing, a bike sauna, a unicycle, a velomobile, a sail bike… and many more!

The story ends with Sasha returning home to his friend Azar on a flying bike. A
black and white picture book with flashes of colour in honour of the bicycle, in all shapes and sizes, often a child’s very first means of transport.

A thing called life
绘本,48页,尺寸:245 x 321 毫米,样书下载